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Samuel Barkin
love you guys - need coupons though
Samantha Sanders
I called to place an order on 12/5/17 @ 7:30 . I ordered an avocado roll, dumplins and a soda. The total came out to $14.30. The guy said there is a $15.00 min . I said “ ok u can charge me the extra 70 cents , i dont mind” and he totallly REJECTED ME and said “ no u have to order more food or we dont delivery. I told him to forget it !!! Wow you rather loose money over 30 cents. HOW PATHETIC!!! Never ordered here again. Beyond rude! I am even more upset because i ALWAYS go there to eat. I decided to order something since i was home alone but wow. I couldnt believe what the man told me!
Food was delicious. I would definitely order again!